Monday, February 15, 2016



   This is another way of preserving fish. Low temperature is employed bringing down the body temperature of the fish lower than temperature which is 27'C. When this is done, spoilage is slowed down. There are two methods of storing fish using low temperature.

1. Chilling
    - This is cooking the fish to a very low temperature without freezing it. Ice is an ideal medium and is the cheapest and most commonly used. It has a great cooling capacity and can cool quickly as it comes in contact with the fish. Ice flakes or crushed ice completely surrounds the fish and when it melts, it wahes of the slime and bacteria on the surface of the fish.

2. Freezing
    - This method is employed for large storage of fish. The temperature is lowered more than the temperature required in chilling. In freezing the water is crystallized. The reason for freezing are-

  • when the fish is to be exported,
  • for longer storage of about month or more, and 
  • when fish lasts for many days and the fish landing is far from the fishing ground.

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