Monday, February 8, 2016

SALTING (Part 1)


This method of preserving fish is done by adding salt to the fish until it seeps through the flesh forcing out water from flesh. The salt takes the place of the extracted water and ties up the remaining water molecules, thereby making the microorganism inactive. This method is called osmosis.

Salt has been used for preserving fish for many years because it inhabits the growth of harmful bacteria. But too much salt makes the fish unpalatable, so fish s only ligthly salted.

1. Dry salting or Kench curing
   - This is done by directly applying granules of salt to the fish. The surface of the fish is completely covered with salting .
2. Brine salting
   - This is a solution of salt and water. The fish is submerged foe several hours depending upon the amount of salt required. Brine salting is a preliminary treatment to drying and smoking. 
3. Salting to make brine
   - This is similar to kench curing except that the brine is not allowed to drain. The salted fish is kept in a barrel or any container that can hold the natural brine formed.
4. Fermentation 
   - This is a process of salting small fish such as; anchovies(dilis), tunsoy kalaso, and galungong.

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